Date Night on Oahu

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and love is in the air on Oahu. Whether you and your significant other are looking for a low-key romantic night or an exciting, thrill-filled day to spice up the relationship, Oahu has ideal date spots for Valentine’s Day and all year round! Here is a list of places to go for a perfect date night on Oahu: For a Nice Romantic Dinner Roy’s Ko Olina Enjoy a delicious Hawaiian fusion style dinner surrounded by luxury at this upscale restaurant located within Ko Olina Resort. Choose

Ko Olina Golfing

Golf enthusiasts, novice players or even mild spectators of the game would be tempted to play a round at the distinguished championship golf course located at the Ko Olina Golf Club; it offers the best Ko Olina golfing! This is a challenging 18-hole course created in 1990 by the world-famous golf course architect Ted Robinson. Typical of all his previous creations, this Golf Club too has breath-taking water features, well maintained greens, huge landing areas and short lengths that ensure that the course is perfect for both beginners and experts.

3 Oahu Hidden Gems in Kapolei You Won’t Find in a Guidebook

Travel guidebooks are excellent ways to learn about the vacation areas we are traveling to, as they explain where to find the hottest restaurants, the most popular tourist sites, and even the best stores for souvenirs. Everything you want to know about your planned vacation destination is listed within the pages of these very informative tomes, leading the way to a trip that is jam packed with adventures. But what if you want to visit a site that is less crowded or want to find out where the best place

A Morning Hike to Maunawili Falls Trail

I hiked Maunawili Falls Trail this morning with the Brothers Duke. Living on the Leeward Coast in Kapolei, I sometimes forget how varied the scenery is on Oahu. You can go from an almost desert landscape on the dry Leeward Coast to what seems like rainforests on the Windward Coast. We left Kapolei at 8:00 AM and drove across the island on H-3 to the Kailua area. I always love the view of the Windward Coast as you come out of the tunnels on H-3 heading East. Google Maps seemed

The Honolulu Zoo: Wildlife And Attractions For The Whole Family

Take a journey into the wilderness with the Honolulu Zoo, located in Queen Kapiʻolani Park in Honolulu, Hawaii. This 42-acre zoo features a variety of colorful attractions from beautiful animals to breathtaking evening tours. Location Queen Kapiʻolani Park is a vast 300-acre park. It features landmarks such as the Honolulu Zoo, the Queen Kapiolani Garden, the famous King Kamehameha statue and the Aloha Tower. Here, you can jog along the scenic trails, play a game of tennis, gaze at the wildlife or visit the sites. Why Visit? There are a number of reasons why

Honolulu Bike Share: A Fast And Convenient Way To Get Around

WHY WALK OR DRIVE WHEN YOU CAN BIKI? Visiting urban Honolulu is a must when on vacation or residing in Hawaii, but who wants to deal with the hassle of driving when parking can be so expensive and difficult to find? Walking could be an option, but it takes time you might not have. Biki just might just be the solution to all your problems. But what even is Biki? Biki is Honolulu’s bike share program. Bike sharing is a form of public transportation using bikes available to anyone over the age of 16

Iolani Palace: Hawaii’s Epicenter Of History, Culture, and Pride

Hawaii is known for more than its majestic scenery and abundant beauty. Every bit of Hawaii is rich in history, culture, and a sense of community. The Iolani Palace is a Hawaiian landmark that not only symbolizes Hawaii’s past but the heritage that Hawaiians are so proud of still today. Read on to understand why the luxurious, opulent, and spectacular Iolani Palace is one of Hawaii’s most-visited attractions. The History of Iolani Palace It all began on December 31st, 1879, when the cornerstone for Iolani Palace was first laid. It was designed to


The best vacations are those that have relaxation mixed with a little fun in the water too! At Ko Olina you can do both in the backdrop of luxury and the pristine beauty of nature. What better way to explore the underwater world than snorkeling at Ko Olina? Spectacular Lagoons Home to some of the globe’s best lagoons, Ko Olina is also home to some of the most spectacular sea life and is extremely safe to snorkel in.  Most times the lagoons are amazing for first time divers and snorkelers


Located on the island of Oahu, Kualoa Ranch is a private nature reserve which is owned and managed by the eighth consecutive generation descendants of Dr. Gerritt P. Judd. As a missionary doctor, Judd came to Oahu in 1828. His purchase of 622 acres in 1850 was later increased to include more than 4,000 acres by his son. Sustaining Nature for the Future The natural beauty that Hawaii is known for is why the Kualoa Ranch continues to operate. With a goal of “protecting and enhancing the natural beauty of these lands while developing


Hawaiians have a connection to the land and sea that starts at the very beginning for locals. Spending any amount of time in Hawaii will make it clear just how important nature is to native Hawaiians. There’s a long cultural history of caring for nature that exists through many avenues, including preservation, enchanting botanical gardens that can be found on many of the islands, and aloha ‘aina. Aloha ‘aina is commonly translated as “love of the land”, but it has a much deeper and heartfelt meaning to many. The ‘aina means much more than simply sand or