Many say that “da-kine” is a catch-all phrase used to fill in a mental blank when talking, much similar to “um” or whatchamacallit”. While this is mostly true there are a handful of other ways this term is used:

WORDS WE SHOULDN’T USE:  “Da-Kine” can be used in place of a mean word, or one that could be taken offensively. For example, when a person takes advantage of their own good looks and charm, often getting the best of the opposite sex they may be referred to as “da-kine”. [Fred is out on a date with his fifth girl this week… OMG he is soooo “da-kine”.]   [All Betty has to do is bat her eyelashes and the men come running to her rescue. Sooo “da-kine”]

WORDS THAT DESCRIBE BEHAVIOR THAT YOU DON’T APPRECIATE:  Let’s say your sister runs into the bathroom just as you’re about to step into it. and proceeds to monopolize the bathroom for the next hour and a half. And then when it’s finally your turn to get into the bathroom you find you only have five minutes to get ready; to which your sister tells everyone that you’re always rushing around making everyone late. Yeah, she is so “da-kine”.

WORDS SOMEONE ELSE IS LOST FOR:  Let’s say someone else is telling a story and can’t seem to find a word they need to describe something. You could help them by feeding them “da-kine” so they can stop looking for the word. This way they can just focus on finishing the story.

Da-Kine, generally speaking, is used to fill in the blank when you can’t find a word. However, it can also be used for words that you either don’t want to use or shouldn’t use. So don’t be “da-kine”, and use “da-kine”…otherwise you would just be “da-kine” to everyone else.