Travel guidebooks are excellent ways to learn about the vacation areas we are traveling to, as they explain where to find the hottest restaurants, the most popular tourist sites, and even the best stores for souvenirs. Everything you want to know about your planned vacation destination is listed within the pages of these very informative tomes, leading the way to a trip that is jam packed with adventures.

But what if you want to visit a site that is less crowded or want to find out where the best place for a family night on the island is located? Sometimes it’s the smaller adventures and the lesser-known sights that can create the most memorable vacations, and when you stay in one of our Ola Properties tropical escapes, our staff can help with the Oahu hidden gems that make a vacation shine but just can’t be found in the guidebooks.

Best Place to Try the Local Favorites

When you want to eat like a local, the more popular restaurants found in the guidebooks may not be the answer, and My Café, located at 563 Farrington Highway is a perfect example! Open until 2 PM, it’s the best place to try Loco Moco, a Hawaiian specialty, and although it may be crowded, the low prices are just one sign that your fellow diners are residents of Kapolei.

Take a Ride on a Train

Yes, there is a train on Oahu, operated by The Hawaiian Railway Society and the 90-minute tours offers a glimpse into the fascinating history of the island. Plus, if you take the 3 o’clock train, it includes a stop at 2 Scoops, one of our favorite ice cream shops! Located at 91-1001 Renton Road in Ewa, this open-air train will be a fun way to kill a couple of hours on a lazy island day!

That Kiss on That Beach

One of the most famous Hollywood kisses, that sandy embrace in From Here to Eternity, took place below the Halona Blowhole right here on the island of Oahu. You can recreate that magical moment yourself if you don’t mind a little sand in places that aren’t normally sandy!

The Best Place for Family Night

Not every minute of every day has to be filled with island explorations of Oahu’s hidden gems; your Ola Properties cozy island digs offers the best place for a night of family fun! Pop some popcorn, pour the kids some juice “Mai Tais” (save the real stuff for you!), and spend an evening playing board games in our comfortably appointed living rooms, watching the sunset from the porch, or simply enjoying a night of movies on television! Reserve yours today and start preparing for the family adventure of a lifetime!