Take a journey into the wilderness with the Honolulu Zoo, located in Queen Kapiʻolani Park in Honolulu, Hawaii. This 42-acre zoo features a variety of colorful attractions from beautiful animals to breathtaking evening tours.


Queen Kapiʻolani Park is a vast 300-acre park. It features landmarks such as the Honolulu Zoo, the Queen Kapiolani Garden, the famous King Kamehameha statue and the Aloha Tower. Here, you can jog along the scenic trails, play a game of tennis, gaze at the wildlife or visit the sites.

Why Visit?

There are a number of reasons why you may want to visit the Honolulu Zoo. You may be enticed by the variety of programs, the guided tours or volunteering but the most fascinating thing about the zoo, of course, is the animals!

Animals at the Honolulu Zoo

The Honolulu Zoo features a wide variety of native, non-native and endangered species. These include amphibians, birds, mammals and reptiles. Some of the animals that you will meet include:

  • · The Hamadryas Baboon. This baboon is native to Africa and can be identified by its silver-gray mane. Their fangs grow to be several inches long and the males have red faces.
  • · The Japanese Giant Salamander. This salamander is native to the Honshu, Kyushu and Shikoku islands of Japan. It is the second-largest amphibian and has skin with a smooth texture and brown coloring. In comparison to other salamanders, their legs are quite short.
  • · Warthog. The warthog is native to Africa and can be identified by its large head, rubbery snout and tusks. To conceal themselves from predators and to sleep, they go into dens underground.
  • · Fairy Bluebird. This bluebird is native to the Philippines. Its coloring is a bright turquoise and it eats primary insects and fruit. They live in pairs and have a loud, sharp whistle.
  • · The Hawaiian Goose. This goose is native to Maui and Oahu. It is Hawaii’s state bird. They are non-migratory and remain on the same island, which sets them apart from most other geese.

Twilight Tour

One of the most exciting programs at the Honolulu Zoo is the twilight tour. These tours are held on Friday and Saturday evenings after the zoo is closed. Here, you will be led by a tour guide for a two-hour adventure as you learn about the animals in the zoo, as well as the zoo’s role in the conversation of endangered species. For this event, it’s recommended that you wear comfortable shoes and use insect repellent.

Overall, the Honolulu Zoo is an attraction that can be exciting for the entire family! Whether you’re looking for a kid-friendly activity, have an interest in wildlife and conservation, or are simply looking for something fun to do in your free time, take a day to visit the zoo for a fun-filled afternoon.