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Learn All About Oahu Before Your Next Stay

Looking for things to do on Oahu? Whether you're looking for relaxation or adventure, Oahu activities range from surfing to spas and everything in between. Be sure to experience authentic Hawaiian culture with our amazing restaurants on the island or get a local's perspective on sights and history with a guided tour.

A Winter Getaway to Oahu, Hawaii

From the warmer Oahu winter weather to a wide array of great activities and attractions, there are countless reasons to visit Oahu in winter! Click here to learn more!

Best Times to Visit Oahu

Unsure about when you should plan your visit to island paradise? Click here to learn about the best time to visit Oahu, and enjoy the best the area has to offer.

Getting Around Oahu

Unsure on how you are going to get around the island on your next Oahu vacation? Look no further: click here to see our guide to getting around Oahu, and vacation in confidence!

Halloween Events on Oahu

A change of scenery can always be good, especially during the spookier season! Click here to learn all about the Halloween events on Oahu happening this year that you can enjoy!

Our Top Oahu Travel Tips

Ola Properties has a number of Oahu travel tips to ensure your next vacation to Honolulu is the best (and the most fun) it can be! Click here to learn more today.

Planning Your Oahu Hawaii Vacation

In the excitement of an upcoming vacation, many people forget the most important step: proper planning! Click here to learn how to properly plan for your next Oahu stay.

Solo Trip to Oahu

A solo trip to Oahu promises an unparalleled vacation experience, letting visitors enjoy all that the island has to offer at their own pace. Click here to learn more!

The History of Oahu

Oahu has a long, illustrious history, one that is not only interesting but valuable to know before vacationing in the area! Click here to learn more about the history of Oahu!

Top 5 Oahu Photography Spots

It comes as no surprise that Oahu is a great place to take pictures, but where can you take the best ones? Click here to see our guide to the best photo spots on Oahu!

Top Reasons to Visit Oahu

There are countless reasons to visit our little slice of tropical paradise, but what are the top reasons to do so? The best of the best parts of Oahu? Click here to learn more!

Top Things you May Not Know about Honolulu and Oahu

While Honolulu may be a popular vacation destination, there are a number of facts about Oahu and Honolulu at large you may not know! Learn all about these facts here!