Your Labor Day Weekend Vacation to Kapolei

Early September is a wonderful time of year to come and visit us here in Kapolei. The weather is pleasant, the island is alive and thriving, and the three-day weekend that Labor Day affords us is the absolute perfect time to get on a plane and hop over to see us! Kapolei But how can you make the most of Labor Day in Kapolei? Let us help you out with some of our favorite things to do here. Saturday Make Saturday your beach day! Everyone comes to Hawaii for the


After attending a meeting at HVCB (Hawaii Visitors and Convention Bureau) my wife & I went to the Ala Moana Mall yesterday to return (you guessed it) Christmas gifts.  After shopping and returning for some time, we decided we’d like a dish of Gelato. Now  I understand the rents at the mall must be very high and vendors there have a lot of other costs as well, but we felt that $7 plus for a single scoop of gelato was just too much.  My wife had heard about another place the MAKES