With tropical weather year-round, you’ll enjoy a warm-weather getaway to Hawaii no matter what time of year you plan your vacation. Rather than marking the year by the colors of fall and snowfall of winter, there are some other considerations to keep in mind when planning a getaway to Hawaii. Be sure to consider these factors when determining the best times to visit Oahu!

Peak Tourist Seasons

Hawaii is on the bucket list for many travelers, and this can become apparent during peak tourist seasons. Oahu sees the most visitors between the months of December and March as travelers seek to escape the winter to a warm-weather getaway. With many families traveling over summer vacation, tourism picks up again from mid-June to the beginning of September. With a flexible schedule, there’s an advantage to planning your Hawaii getaway during off-peak times, when you’ll find fewer crowds and better deals on flights, accommodations, and car rentals. However, even during peak seasons there is still solace to be found, especially for those who are willing to travel off the beaten path!

Seasonal Advantages

The various festivities that pop up around the holidays make this an appealing time for many to head to the Islands. And between the months of December through March, you’ll also have the advantage of additional wildlife watching opportunities. This is when humpback whales can be spotted off the island’s coast, making it one of the best times to go to Honolulu!

While temperatures are a bit cooler in winter, making it a great time for hiking and other outdoor activities, it is still warm enough to enjoy days at the beach and time in the water. However, the warmest days will fall during summer months, perfect for spending long hours in the water trying out new activities such as surfing, boogie boarding, and snorkeling.

In Hawaii, the seasons dictate where you’ll find the largest swell and calmest waters. During the winter and spring, waves tend to be largest on the north and east shores and calmest on the south and west shores. In contrast, summer and fall bring larger waves to the south and west shores and calmer waters to the north and east. Keeping this in mind can help you plan which beaches will be best to hit during your stay!

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