When looking for a tropical travel destination within the US that offers world class beaches, cultural activities, historic sights, and activities, you can’t beat the Hawaiian Island of Oahu. Whether you’ll be spending your entire Hawaii vacation on Oahu, or you plan on doing some island hopping, these top Oahu travel tips will ensure you get all that’s desired out of your Hawaii vacation!

Travel During Off-Season

To get the best deals and avoid the crowds, consider planning your Hawaii vacation during the off-season. Hawaii’s peak travel season begins just before the winter holidays in December and extends through spring break in April. It picks up again from June to September with summer travel. If possible, head to Oahu and stay in one of our Hawaii winter rentals during the off-season from mid-September to mid-December or mid-April to mid-June in order to find emptier beaches and better deals.

Balance the Itinerary

It’s easy to go to extremes when traveling and either slip completely into vacation mode by lounging on the beach daily or packing the itinerary with memorable activities. In Hawaii, it’s best to balance the itinerary with a little bit of both. The Island of Oahu offers a wide range of activities, from historic and cultural sites to shopping and dining, golfing, hiking, land-based adventure activities, and water activities. While it’s tempting to try to squeeze it all in, you’ll miss the tranquil beauty that is characteristic of Hawaii without taking time to slow down and soak it all in. At the same time, lounging on the beach full-time means you’ll miss out on many of the things that make Oahu unique. On Oahu, it’s best to find the ideal balance between relaxation and adventuring to make the most of your stay!

Book Ahead

Especially if you’re traveling during peak tourist seasons, be sure to book things like a rental car far in advance. Rental cars and popular island activities tend to sell out quickly, leaving travelers scrambling for alternatives on arrival. For any of the activities that top your interest list, be sure to schedule those into the itinerary in advance!

Plan Your Beach Days

Set aside some time for lounging on Oahu’s world class beaches, keeping desired water activities in mind before selecting a beach. Oahu’s beaches all have their own atmosphere and personality, and while some may be great for surfing, others are best for lounging. Planning your beach days will help you know whether to bring along your favorite read or water toys such as surf and boogie boards!

If these top Oahu travel tips have you ready to book an island vacation, be sure to check out our Oahu vacation rentals here!