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Choose Oahu as your vacation destination, where it’s summer year-round! Whether you’re planning an extended stay while the kids are out of school, or a short-term stay for just a week or two in the islands, be sure to secure one of our perfect Oahu vacation villas for your unforgettable stay.

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Summer Fun on Oahu

Surfing, swimming, snorkeling, paddleboarding, hiking, boating, and fishing are just a few of the activities available during your summer getaway to Oahu. Activities tend to fill up quickly in the summer, so be sure to make advance reservations! Spend your summer on Oahu’s sunny west coast, with the best condos in Oahu abound and you can spend your days lounging poolside, relaxing under a palm tree at the ocean’s edge, or embarking on one of the many adventures that can be had around the island of Oahu.

Features of Our Oahu Summer Rentals

While no two vacation rentals are exactly alike, many of our best condos in Oahu do share some common features. Open floor plans are common in our summer rentals on Oahu, encouraging your family or group to gather together to continue creating fond memories even when you’re back at your accommodations. For those who appreciate convenience or are on a budget, full kitchens with all of the appliances and cookware you need provide the option of dining in when desired. And whether you’re booking a romantic getaway for two or are planning to travel with a larger group or family, our summer rentals on Oahu come with a variety of square footage and bedroom options.

You’ve come to the Hawaiian Islands to spend some time soaking up the sea, sand, and sun, so why limit yourself to those luxuries with day trips to the beach when you could book one of our Oahu vacation rentals beachfront? Many of our summer rentals at Ko Olina and in Makaha are situated right along the shoreline, providing stunning views for you to enjoy throughout the entirety of your stay. Come stay with us this summer in one of our Oahu vacation rentals beachfront!

Summer Sunshine

As a general rule, summer on Oahu brings warmer temperatures and calmer ocean conditions to the island’s north and west shores. With the majority of days along the western coast offering plenty of sunshine and little rain, summer is a great time to vacation along Oahu’s sunny western shoreline.

Beat the summer heat with easy access to some of the island’s most beautiful beaches and refreshing swimming pools when you stay in an Oahu summer rental. Four tranquil ocean lagoons are located right on the grounds of our best condos in Oahu, offering up safe swimming, snorkeling, and stand-up paddleboarding conditions and soft white sand beaches. Even more convenient, many of our Oahu summer rentals offer access to refreshing swimming pools, where it’s easy to take a quick dip to cool off before soaking up some more sun.

Further up the coast, our summer rentals located in Makaha offer superior proximity to the beautiful Makaha Beach Park, a wide swath of golden sand that offers ideal swimming conditions in the summer months. Especially toward the center of the beach where waves break further from shore, Makaha Beach Park is a good place for swimming and enjoying the summer sunshine. To get in some people watching, head to the northern end of the beach to watch the surfers navigating the waves like pros!

Cool off during your summer trip to Oahu with one of the Island’s most popular treats – shave ice. Though it may seem similar to what is more commonly known as a snow cone in the rest of the country, Hawaiian shave ice actually has finer shavings of ice rather than the larger particles found in snow cones, resulting in a lighter, fluffier treat. Across the island you will find an abundance of shave ice stands and food trucks, offering this favored summer treat. In addition to a variety of tropically flavored syrups, some shave ice also comes with a scoop of vanilla or vanilla macadamia nut ice cream at the bottom, resulting in the perfect treat for a hot summer day! Near our Ko Olina summer rentals are several stands offering shave ice, including Papalua Shave Ice and Island Shave Ice & Creamery. If you’re headed to a Makaha summer rental or for a day spent at Makaha Beach Park, be sure to stop at Dan’s Maili Shave Ice or Mountain Magic Shave Ice along the way!

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At Ola Properties, we specialize in luxurious vacation rentals in the oceanfront resort areas of Ko Olina Resort and Makaha. We have a large variety of beach villas, condos for rent in Oahu Hawaii, and townhomes available for rent, many of which provide breathtaking ocean views or relaxing views of the golf green. Our rentals are in perfect proximity for enjoying all of the best beaches and activities that west Oahu has to offer. Please contact us at (888) 737-4188 or (808) 726-2878, or via email at to book your vacation rental and to start planning your Hawaiian getaway!