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A man enjoying Oahu SUP

Oahu SUP

Stand up paddle boarding (SUP) is a water sport that has gained in popularity in recent years. It involves standing on a large surfboard and using a long paddle to move through the water. SUP can be done in calm waters like lakes and rivers or in the ocean, making it an excellent way to explore new areas while getting a full body workout. While stand up paddle boarding Oahu does require strength and balance, it has a much easier learning curve than water sports such as surfing. This makes it a great option for those vacationing in Hawaii who want to try a new water sport. Whether you have paddle boarded before or are completely new to the sport, adding a day of Oahu SUP to your Hawaii itinerary is a great way to enjoy some of the island’s calmer waterways and scenic views.

Best Locations for Oahu SUP

Oahu is a popular destination for stand up paddle boarding due to its crystal-clear waters and diverse marine life. The island is surrounded by turquoise waters, making it a perfect spot for paddlers of all skill levels. Oahu has several locations that offer calm water conditions, making it an ideal spot for beginners to learn.

Whether you’re paddling along the North Shore, Waikiki Beach, or the picturesque Kailua Bay, you’ll be mesmerized by the stunning scenery that Oahu has to offer. One thing to keep in mind when planning your Oahu SUP excursion is that the side of the island which offers the calmest waters varies by season. The north and east shores tend to be the calmest during summer months, while the south and west shores tend to be calmest during winter months. Beaches that are protected from the wind and heading out in the early morning hours before the wind picks up also make for a more enjoyable SUP experience.

Oahu SUP Lessons

If you’re looking to try stand up paddle boarding Oahu for the first time, taking lessons to learn proper technique and safety guidelines is a good way to begin. There are a variety of outfitters located on Oahu that offer lessons with knowledgeable guides with all equipment provided for a safe and fun day out on the water.

Adventure Tours Hawaii gets you away from the crowds of Waikiki to enjoy a serene paddle on the beautiful waters of Pokai Bay. Sea turtles and dolphins are often spotted during lessons, and stunning views of Oahu’s west coast can be enjoyed throughout. Surf HNL is another reputable outfitter to check out for their Oahu SUP lessons in Ala Moana and Pokai Bay.

With the right gear and instruction, stand up paddle boarding on Oahu will be an unforgettable adventure!