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Sights during the Oahu Winter

Chill Out with a Journey to Enjoy Winter in Oahu

As a large part of the country bundles up for the winter, the sea breezes and tropical waters remain warm in Oahu, HI. Treat yourself to a warm-weather getaway this winter and experience some of the tropical Oahu winter activities!

Hit the Beach

The great thing about a winter vacation on Oahu is that all you really need is some swimwear and slippers (flip-flops), and you’re set! With warm, sunny weather, you can explore some of the best Oahu beaches throughout the winter. Lounge on the tranquil shores of the Ko Olina lagoons, explore the vast stretch of white sand in Makaha, or venture even further off the beaten path to Keawaula Beach, with its untouched coastline and beautiful mountain backdrop. Waikiki offers a cosmopolitan vibe and lots of activities along its shoreline, while the waves on North Shore beaches such as Ehukai Beach Park and Sunset Beach bring surfers from around the world that are a thrill to watch!

Watch the Sunset

With evenings being noticeably cooler during winter months, winter in Oahu brings the best of both worlds – warm, sunny days with evenings that bring respite from the heat. Bring along a sweatshirt for cool evenings on the beach so that you can stay until the last rays of light have faded below the horizon. Sunsets in Hawaii are magical, and you’ll want to be sure to make watching the sun dip below the horizon part of your nightly routine. The palm fringed lagoons at Ko Olina make for an epic sunset viewing location, with the vibrant colors of the sky reflecting off the calm lagoon waters. To enjoy a sunset away from the beachfront, consider heading up to Puu Ualakaa State Park. Here a wide swath of grass offers panoramic views over Honolulu reaching all the way to the water’s edge, providing memorable sunset views. If this sounds great, we offer Ko Olina rentals that are perfect for the occasion!

Go Whale Watching

Winter in Oahu coincides with whale season in Hawaii, as humpbacks escape the cold of Alaska in favor of tropical waters. While it is possible to spot some from shore on occasion, these gentle giants are best observed from the water. A variety of charter companies offer whale watching excursions that will provide beautiful views of the island from a different vantage point, as well as offer the chance to see these creatures up close. Ko Olina Ocean Adventures offers a variety of boat tours that focus on seeing dolphins and whales. Another highly regarded option is Star of Honolulu, which offers a cruise-style experience.

Get in the Festive Spirit

It won’t be a white Christmas in Hawaii, but celebrating the holidays in paradise exudes its own special charm. Palm trees lit with twinkling lights, Santa rowing in to the beach aboard an outrigger canoe, and an abundance of Made in Hawaii craft fairs popping up that are perfect for gift-giving all serve to keep you in the holiday spirit. Whether you’re opening presents on Christmas morning or ringing in the New Year right on the beach, celebrating the holidays is extra special on Oahu.

To really set the stage for your Christmas in Oahu, consider a stop at Helemano Farms. You may be surprised to discover that homegrown Christmas trees are even available in the Islands! This family owned and operated business provides residents and visitors the quintessential Christmas farm experience that is a special part of so many holiday memories. It may feel a bit surreal to wander the rows of neatly planted Norfolk Pines, Leyland Cypress, and Murray Cypress trees, capturing treasured family photos as you look for the perfect tree. Whether you select a tree to serve as the backdrop for Christmas morning or you simply come for the experience, a trip to Helemano Farms adds to the charm of Christmas in Oahu!

Watch Epic Surfing on Oahu’s North Shore

Winter months bring large swells to Oahu’s North Shore, drawing surfers from around the world. The waves are so ideal that one of the largest surfing competitions in the world, the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing, is held here. While it’s not the time for amateur surfers to try their hand at the sport, a visit to Oahu’s North Shore during a big swell is an unforgettable experience for spectators. If your visit doesn’t fall during an event such as the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing, there is still plenty of action to view from North Shore beaches such as Sunset Beach. On days with big swells, locals come out in droves and their skills are well worth watching from the safety of the shoreline! If the inspiration strikes, Oahu’s South Shore beaches offer a much calmer location for beginners to learn during winter months.

Best Oahu Winter Activities

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