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Wild Side Hawaii

If you have chosen Hawaii out of the hundreds of other possible vacation destinations, you are probably looking for an adventure like no other. Hawaii is the perfect place to dive into your next adventure. Wild Side Hawaii can help you achieve this goal by showing you the incredible world found just under the currents. Here are the exciting ways Wild Side Hawaii can help you explore the other side of this incredible island:

Best of the West Charter

Wild Side Hawaii is a local charter company that will take you out on the ocean, letting you see everything above and below the waves. The most popular tour option is the Best of the West tour where you and five other passengers go on a 3.5-hour exploration. While every tour is diverse and can be individualized based on your interests, there are a few incredible encounters that are always included. Dolphin encounters, swimming with dolphins, guided snorkeling, and whale watching are part of each journey. This charter keeps the passenger count low so local wildlife disturbance is kept to a minimum and not scared off. Most charters will have extremely clear water with up to 100 feet of visibility from the glass-bottom boat.

Deluxe Wildlife Charter

You can become a biologist for a day when you reserve a seat on the Deluxe Wildlife Charter. This deluxe charter includes everything from the Best of the West tour and much more. The onboard hydrophone will help attract local dolphins and whales with incredible vocalizations to draw their attention. A delicious BBQ lunch, snacks, and drinks are also provided so you do not go hungry. Each booking you make with Wild Side Hawaii gives back a portion of the proceeds to the Wild Dolphin Foundation to ensure these majestic creatures keep on thriving.

Booking Your Next Charter

If swimming with dolphins, whale watching, and snorkeling all sound like something you would enjoy, you should book your next charter with Wild Side Hawaii immediately. Their charters are extremely popular and have served over 100,000 people. Book your next charter by calling Wild Side Tours Oahu at 808-306-7273; we recommend booking several weeks in advance to secure your seat.

Enjoy Oahu

Experience Oahu in a way no other lodging service can provide when you choose Ola Properties’ exclusive vacation rentals on the island. You will have access to all the beauty of the island as well as thrilling attractions such as Wild Side Hawaii. Give our rental experts a call today and get set up with the right vacation rental for your stay on Oahu!

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Wild Side Hawaii FAQ

Are these boat excursions family friendly?

Absolutely! Wild Side Hawaii warmly welcomes families aboard our boat charters. We strive to create a family-friendly environment where the entire family can enjoy the scenery and wildlife together. Younger children require a 1-to-1 ratio of parent-child supervision. Our private charters offer an ideal family environment, featuring a personalized experience that can cater to individual needs. Come join us for a memorable and enjoyable adventure on the water!

Do I need to be a strong swimmer?

While being confident in the water may increase your enjoyment, it is not required. We prioritize safety by requiring everyone in the water to wear a provided safety belt. These belts, fitting around the waist, don’t hinder swimming—they’re designed to allow water to pass through, ensuring ease of movement. So, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced swimmer, you can enjoy your experience with confidence and peace of mind.

What makes Wild Side Hawaii different from other boat charters?

Wild Side Hawaii stands out by offering more than just the usual boat charter experience. Our team comprises marine biologists and trained naturalists who are passionate about sharing their knowledge of Hawaiian marine life. We go beyond traditional tours, emphasizing education, conservation, and exploration of lesser-known locations. Our commitment to wildlife protection, safety, and providing a unique, immersive experience sets us apart, making each journey with us a memorable adventure with a purpose.

What nearby accommodations would you recommend?

Located in West Oahu, Wild Side Hawaii is located near the acclaimed Ko Olina Resort, renowned for its luxurious accommodations and beautiful surroundings. Ko Olina boasts a range of amenities and easy access to the stunning coastal experiences Wild Side Hawaii has to offer.