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Distance from the Honolulu International Airport to Ko Olina is a little under 20- miles. There are several ways to get to Ko Olina:

Municipal Transportation (TheBUS): Cost is $2.50 per person, should take about an hour and a half, and would require one transfer. You are allowed to bring a bag onto the bus as long as it fits on your lap or under the seat in front of you. Busses do not have any baggage storage areas available anywhere, and you are not allowed to store any bags on the seat beside you.
Technology Transportation (Uber / Lyft): This is fairly new to our city, and there are many laws that are constantly changing. If you already use Uber or Lyft you should inquire what current restrictions may affect you. The most current ruling that is being enforced is regarding your pick-up. Uber / Lyft drivers are not allowed to pick anyone up at the airport. If you are scheduling a ride you must order your pick-up in an area outside of the airport.
Airport Shuttle (SpeediShuttle): If you don’t mind sharing a ride with other exited vacationers you may consider jumping on SpeediShuttle. Cost is $15 per person, one way and may have multiple stops. Cost includes two bags, each additional bag is $8 each.
Taxicab: If you have four or more people in your party a taxicab is probably your best value. At $65 per cab, one way, you can get a cab in the airport and have the whole vehicle to yourself. There are no “number of bags per person” restriction, in fact the number of bags are restricted to what fits in the trunk. If it does fit you will need to order a second cab and pay for it.
Sedan: Sedans make a luxury start of your vacation. For $175 per vehicle, one way, you can ensure a larger vehicle and a driver with a clean professional look.
Limousine: Start your vacation in style. Drivers will meet you at the gate, take you to baggage claim, help you with your luggage. At $220 per vehicle, one way, there’s nothing like starting your luxury vacation feeling like a rock star.
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Transportation FAQ 

What is the most convenient way to get around the island? 

The most convenient way to navigate Oahu is by renting a car. This provides flexibility to explore the island’s diverse attractions at your own pace. Oahu’s public transportation options are limited outside of Honolulu, making a rental car the preferred choice for convenience and efficient travel. Book your rental car ahead of time and familiarize yourself with local traffic regulations for a smooth and enjoyable experience. 

What about parking? 

Parking on Oahu varies, but many vacation rentals, particularly those outside Honolulu, provide designated parking spaces. Confirm parking availability with your accommodation beforehand. In more urban areas like Honolulu, street parking and paid lots are common. Be mindful of parking regulations and availability to ensure a smooth experience.  

 What is the most budget friendly way to get around the island? 

For budget-friendly transportation on Oahu, consider utilizing TheBus, Oahu’s public bus system. With an extensive network covering the island, it offers an affordable option for exploring key destinations. Additionally, the Waikiki Trolley provides cost-effective travel within the popular Waikiki area. Both options are economical alternatives to renting a car, especially when exploring the Waikiki area. 

What are some convenient vacation rental options? 

Consider going outside the city for an authentic island experience. Ko Olina offers a serene setting in West Oahu with beautiful beaches and accommodations, providing a relaxing escape. Many rentals in this area boast attractive onsite amenities as well as proximity to attractions. Explore listings in Ko Olina for a tranquil stay, blending comfort and authenticity away from the hustle of the city.