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Surf HNL Hawaii

Anyone booking a vacation getaway to Hawaii probably knows that this tropical island is the surfing capital of the world. The beautiful blue water and righteous waves makes the best surfing conditions possible, especially around Oahu. If you are new to surfing and wish to try it out, make sure to stop at Surf HNL Kapolei Hawaii for the best lessons and rental experience possible.

Surfing Lessons

Surf HNL Hawaii has been serving up surfing lessons since 2005. Each lesson is handled at private beaches located around Honolulu, Kapolei, and Waianae so you won’t be wiping out with a large crowd around you. Mastering the art of surfing takes patience but the professionals at Surf HNL will be with you every step of the way! They have the option of 1 hour or 2-hour lessons available. Don’t worry about bringing any gear with you as the surf board, leash, rash guards, and reef shoes are included in every lesson package. Just bring some water and sunscreen and Surf HNL will help you get started in the water.

Paddle Board Lessons

Paddle boarding is just as possible in the state of Hawaii, so Surf HNL wants to make sure you are prepared to step on your board. Each lesson will help you adjust to balancing on the board as you paddle along the beautiful Hawaii shoreline. Similar to the surfing lessons, each session will get you equal time on the water and includes all the gear you need. Surfing and paddle boarding lessons with Surf HNL start at just $99 per person.

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Rental Gear

Once you have learned the basics, you will be ready to tackle surfing and paddle boarding all on your own. Surf HNL’s gear is top of the line and easy to check out. A variety of rental options are available, including by the hour and by the day, making it easy to adjust to your schedule on the island. Rentals are on a first come, first served basis, so call in your order in advance!

Contacting Surf HNL

You can visit Surf HNL during next stop in Hawaii at 2116 Lauwiliwili St #105F, Kapolei, HI 96707. Call ahead for your rental order at 808-371-8917 or by emailing info@surfhnl.com.

Your Hawaiian Getaway

Get the most of your Hawaiian destination getaway with our luxury rentals available in the area. Each property can either keep you close to the water for easy surfing or stay in the city. Let our rental experts help plan your vacation by finding you the perfect rental!

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Surf HNL Hawaii FAQ

Are these surf lessons family friendly?

Yes, Surf HNL Hawaii offers family-friendly lessons. Group lessons are available for participants aged 13 and older, with a maximum of 4 individuals per group to ensure personalized attention. Families with younger children ages 3 and older are encouraged to opt for private lessons for a tailored and enjoyable experience.

How experienced do I need to be in the water?

You don’t need extensive water experience to join Surf HNL Hawaii lessons. Life jackets are provided for those who require them. In group sessions, participants are expected to paddle their surfboards back to the instructor with minimal assistance. This ensures a safe and enjoyable learning experience, even for those with limited water proficiency.

What if I already know how to surf?

If you’re already a surfer with some experience, Surf HNL Hawaii provides opportunities to elevate your skills to the next level. Advanced lessons and coaching are available to help intermediate surfers refine their techniques, master new maneuvers, and enhance their overall surfing proficiency.

Are there vacation rentals nearby?

Certainly! Enhance your island experience by booking a stay at the nearby Ko Olina Resort, where you can enjoy vacation rentals in a serene environment away from the city crowds. Immerse yourself in the beauty of the surroundings and make the most of your time both on and off the waves with convenient and comfortable accommodations in this tranquil area. Choose from a variety of condos, villas, and private homes on this desirable west coast property!