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Naked Cow Dairy Farm

One of the sacrifices of living in our beautiful paradise of Hawaii is that goods such as dairy are often shipped from the mainland, across miles and miles of the Pacific Ocean—but you can find a wonderful exception to that rule at Naked Cow Dairy Farm, the only authentic Hawaiian dairy farm here on Oahu!

Natural Dairy Delights from a Farm with Quality and Compassion

Located in Waianae on the west side of Oahu, Naked Cow Dairy Farm has been a fixture of the community since 2007. Frustrated with the industrialized dairy industry, the founder Monique van der Stroom wanted to revive the natural production standards of small family dairy farms. In a time where hormone and antibiotic treatments are more common than ever, Naked Cow Dairy eschews that notion, and all of their animals are free of such treatments. Hence the name, Naked Cow—the way mother nature meant for them to be!

The cows that their dairy products come from are well loved, and you can taste the difference in their line of gourmet creamery butters, hand-crafted artisan cheeses, and freshly made yogurt. They only utilize feed that is grown in Hawaii, such as grass, sugar cane, pineapples, macadamia nuts, as well as a number of other naturally sourced feeds. As an added bonus, the farm is more sustainable for these practices, and they actively work to scale down their carbon footprint!

A cow on a farm on Hawaii A black and white photo of a cow

If you want to learn more and enjoy an exciting evening of tasting some of the finest cheeses on the island, you can take a mozzarella cheese making class offsite at the SALT at Our Kaka’ako shopping center. For two hours, you’ll be guided through the cheese-making process with a knowledgeable expert from start to finish, and you can even take your cheese home with you at the end! After the class concludes, you get to enjoy a glass of wine and sample some of Naked Cow’s best cheeses and can purchase a few if you’d like. It’s a fantastic way to glean more information about the island, and what it takes to produce sustainable dairy goods 2,000 miles in the middle of the Pacific. If you don’t have time for the cheese making class, you can still pick up some of their products at Whole Foods to enjoy in your gorgeous rental, or maybe even on the beach with a breath-taking view!

You can reserve cheese classes online or email them at classes@nakedcowdairyhawaii.com.

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Naked Cow Dairy Farm FAQ

What are some ways Naked Cow Dairy Farm supports other local small businesses?

Naked Cow Dairy Farm actively fosters local partnerships by incorporating products from neighboring businesses. They feature butter, jam, and jelly from Akaka Falls Farm, as well as flavors from Ka’iulani Spices and Ala’ea Sea Salt in their offerings. This collaboration not only strengthens the community but also highlights the diverse and high-quality products originating from Oahu’s local small businesses.

How do Naked Cow Dairy Farm’s products stand out?

Naked Cow Dairy Farm distinguishes itself by prioritizing the humane treatment of animals and maintaining a commitment to antibiotic and hormone-free practices. This dedication ensures the production of high-quality dairy products that resonate with consumers who value ethical and sustainable farming. The emphasis on animal welfare not only sets their products apart but also reflects a conscientious approach to agriculture and responsible food production.

How does Naked Cow Dairy Farm offer a unique Hawaii experience?

Naked Cow Dairy Farm provides an exclusive Hawaiian experience as the first and only producer of artisanal cheese, gourmet butter, and cream-top yogurt in the state. This unique distinction allows visitors and locals alike to savor locally crafted dairy products that capture the essence of Hawaii, contributing to a distinctive and authentic culinary journey that reflects the farm’s commitment to innovation and quality.

Are there vacation accommodations nearby?

Naked Cow Dairy Farm offers various retail locations across Oahu for convenient access to their products. For a luxurious home base, consider the vacation rentals at Ko Olina, which is near Naked Cow’s west coast locations. Ko Olina boasts a comfortable and upscale setting, with an onsite golf course, marina, and white sand beaches.