For some, a snowy Christmas is the pinnacle of the holiday experience. For others, a Christmas enjoyed under the sun and on the sand is just the ticket. If you’re a traveler who falls into the latter category, you’ll find a trip to Oahu is exactly right! This year, when you’re looking to switch things up, consider making your way to this island paradise alongside family and friends for a holiday experience you won’t soon forget. The following are just a few of the many top reasons it’s worth your while to spend Christmas 2023 in Oahu. 

The Irresistible Weather 

When you decide to enjoy Christmas in Oahu, you can leave all thoughts of snow, parkas, and plummeting temperatures far behind. Instead, it’s a time of year when you’re free here to swap out the winter apparel for swimsuits, t-shirts, and shorts in abundance. A Christmas spent in Oahu is sunny and bright with opportunities to spend as much time as you possibly can on the shoreline watching the blue waves come in. From the palm trees to the warm breeze, you’ll find Christmas in Oahu puts an irresistibly mild weather take on December that just might bring you back year after year. Don’t be surprised to hear locals mention that in Oahu, Santa doesn’t necessarily arrive via sled. Instead, the story has it that here, he arrives on an outrigger canoe which is much more pleasant with those warmer temperatures in place.  

The Shoreline Festivities 

If you find yourself spending time near Waikiki Beach at Christmas in Oahu, you’ll be right on schedule to participate in the annual Waikiki Beach Gathering this time of year. This event is typically hosted on the evening of December 25 around 6:30 pm near 2729 Kalakaua Avenue. It’s a night filled with lights, candlelight on the sand, and a retelling of the Christmas story too. The Waikiki Beach Gathering is a family-friendly experience that just might end up being the highlight of your stay. 

Opportunities to Try a Christmas Luau 

There are options to pair Hawaiian culture with Christmas fun when you spend the holidays in Oahu this year. It’s a chance to add a Christmas luau to your itinerary and experience traditional music, food, dance, and performances first-hand. You’ll want to be sure to book your place in advance if you’re excited to enjoy a Luau this time of year as it’s a popular option among visitors with good reason.  

Surfing Spectaculars 

December in Oahu is a time for Christmas fun but it also marks a season of amazing waves. That means if you’re traveling this way over the holidays, you’ll be able to enjoy events like the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing while you’re in town. This mesmerizing contest brings in some of the top athletes from across the globe to convene on Haleiwa Beach in Oahu and put their skills to the test on the water. It’s no wonder it’s a highlight of the Christmas season and promises to be just as thrilling for spectators as it is for participants looking to catch the biggest and most challenging waves around. 

Incredible Holiday Performances 

If you’re looking to infuse some traditional holiday fun with a twist into your Oahu Christmas stay, you won’t want to miss out on Ballet Hawaii’s version of The Nutcracker. This is a one-of-a-kind take on a fan-favorite performance that’s sure to inspire. The ballet is reimagined in a unique island style with a setting that portrays the Kingdom of Hawaii as it was in 1858. Audiences will be introduced to Queen Lili’uokalani while the stage setup features an awe-inspiring collection of tropical flowers and Hawaiian fauna to set the memorable scene.  

The Festival of Lights Christmas Boat Parade  

Each year at Christmas, Oahu is proud to present the annual Festival of Lights Christmas Boat Parade for locals and visitors alike to enjoy. This showcase of holiday spirit on the water is truly one-of-a-kind and is held at the Hawaii Kai Towne Center. The boat parade is paired with musical performances by the United States Air Force Band of the Pacific as well as traditional hula dances.  

The Honolulu City Lights to Admire 

Spending Christmas 2023 in Oahu doesn’t mean you have to miss out on those traditional holiday light displays you adore. In fact, the Honolulu City Lights event might just give your own neighborhood a run for its money! This event is hosted each December and invites guests to come and admire an amazing array of holiday lights that are paired with a parade, concerts, and a chance for kids to meet Santa too. There’s also a lighting of the tree at Honolulu Hale which is always a thrill.  

Book Your Island Holiday Away Today 

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