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Thinking of a warm weather getaway? A place with beaches, sand and sunshine? Perhaps you’re thinking of the Caribbean, Mexico or the South of France. Well, a new CDC rule related to COVID-19 may have you re-thinking your plans.

Under this new CDC rule that becomes effective January 26, all international air passengers (two years and older) arriving into the US will be required to get a viral test for COVID-19 within three days prior to their flight departure to the US. If you live in the US, you might think “OK what’s that got to do with me”?  Well, this rule applies to US residents as well as others. The rule states that passengers must provide the airline written documentation of their negative laboratory test results or documentation of recovery from COVID-19. If a passenger is unable or unwilling to provide the required documentation, the airline must deny boarding to the passenger.  

Whoa, suddenly this makes things seem much more serious and complicated. Imagine flying to say, Mexico as an example, for a week of rest and relaxation at a nice beachfront hotel enjoying the warmth and sunshine.  Then suddenly having to scramble to find a place to get a test and the accompanying paperwork before you can get on a plane to go home. This then begs the question, what happens if just one person in your party is unable to get the test and paperwork? Do you leave them behind or does the whole party stay?  

What’s a person to do? You NEED to get away, you WANT a vacation to a warm place with beautiful beaches, warmth and sunshine. We at Ola Properties have the solution for you! Pack your bags and head to Ko Olina on the beautiful, sun filled Leeward Coast of Oahu! Ko Olina has some of the most beautiful beaches on the planet and the famous lagoons here are perfect for swimming, snorkeling and just relaxing. 

Admittedly, if you’re coming to Ko Olina you will want to get a negative COVID-19 test prior to arrival in Hawaii so that you can avoid the state’s 10 day quarantine. Find the latest Hawaii travel and entry requirements by visiting  https://hawaiicovid19.com/travel/

Personally, I would much rather get the COVID-19 testing out of the way before I go on vacation rather than dealing with it while there.  I could imagine myself waking up on day five of a seven day vacation, suddenly remembering that the family needed tests and spending the remainder of our vacation scrambling to find a testing site in unfamiliar territory and hoping to get tested in time to get on a plane back home: with the entire family!

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Why create additional stress for yourself by traveling outside the country? Hop on a plane and come to Ko Olina instead. We have weekly rentals at the Beach Villas at Ko Olina or if you are able to work and school remotely, consider one of our longer term rentals and stay for a month or more. Maybe you can ride out the worst of the pandemic here on Oahu where our infection numbers are much lower than most of the Mainland. Give us a call at (808) 726-2878 Ext 1, or you can book directly from our website if you prefer.

The inspiring island of Oahu has long been a favorite amongst travelers that have their vacation sights set on  Hawaii. When it’s time to step out of stress and into a place where the scenery and sensational opportunities for restorative fun collide, Oahu has a way with landscapes, history, culture, and natural beauty that are sure to please. In 2020, it’s not an understatement to say that the concept of travel looks drastically different than it did a year ago. As a global health crisis has swept across countries and continents, those who live with an innate passion for all that is travel, exploration, and discovery are finding that it might be necessary to find new routes to indulging this desire while keeping health standards top of mind.

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Maintaining a healthy work and life balance is a challenge that’s also been taken to new heights this year as employees across the globe have transitioned from offices to working remotely from home. As schools transitioned to online platforms as well, finding the sweet spot between keeping work priorities and family moments separated became blurry for many and with the added unknowns—an added level of stress and perhaps even anxiety.

A New Route Through the New Normal

Instead of simply enduring these new challenges, at Ola Properties, we’re inviting those that love to travel, who are now working remotely and are looking for a sense of balance and inspiration in the chaos to make their way to a place where it’s possible to enjoy the best of it all. Move to paradise and enjoy an environment that’s as thrilling as welcoming to health and safety standards. In 2020, we see the incredible possibilities in taking a new lease on life and creating a new normal in a place where beauty still lives through the chaos. Perhaps taking yourself somewhere new this year for an extended stay could be just the answer you’ve been searching for. When you need a place to work remotely, connect with family and keep options for inspiring exploration near, booking a long term trip to Oahu and staying in one of our world-class vacation rentals is bound to be the solution you’ve been searching for.

What Our Properties Provide

At Ola Properties, we specialize in providing vacation homes in Hawaii to guests looking to savor the sights, sounds, fun, and experiences of west Oahu. Our properties provide just the right space to both work remotely and enjoy your breathtaking surroundings. From scenic ocean views to resort-style stays that provide direct beach access and top-tier amenities, it’s easier than ever to settle in for a long-term stay in Oahu. When you book our Hawaii beach home rentals, you’ll wake up each day knowing you’ll be as productive as you can be on a professional front while remaining inspired by the opportunities for fun stops that are waiting for you to explore just outside your front door.

Ease and Convenience of the Extended Stay

While our team is proud to offer up a wide variety of rental properties, some of which include private residences and vacation homes in Hawaii, many of our guests look for resort-inspired destinations where they can enjoy the ease and convenience of community features and upscale amenities too. While our properties often provide spacious, open concept floorplans, large windows, and sliding glass doors leading to private balconies, decks, and patios provide connection points to the great outdoors that makes working from “home” feel as easy as an Oahu ocean breeze. High-speed services and Wi-Fi access during a long-term stay make for quick work during professional hours and an easy way to send photos to loved ones back home when you’ve followed up projects and assignments with trips to the beach.

Keeping Close to Beautiful Destinations to Explore

While the many features our long-term vacation rentals bring add that vacation-inspired touch to every moment spent working indoors, the beauty of this concept is that our guests are always close to places worth experiencing and exploring during a visit. Whether it’s an early morning stroll along Waikiki Beach when the crowds are at a minimum or time spent paddleboarding or surfing the waves in the quiet evening hours, this scenic destination provides options that make it simple to social distance in a little piece of paradise.

Cleaning Standards Are a Priority

During a traditional stay with Ola Properties, guests will enjoy thorough property cleanings before arrival and after they’ve departed, but in the spirit of revitalized health standards taken to the next level, guests can request daily cleaning options during a vacation or long-term work and play plan.

Work, Play and Unwind on Oahu

Whether you need time away from the stress of 2020 or are looking for a place to settle in, explore and enjoy a new version of remote working life, the team at Ola Properties is here to help you make Oahu your home away from home. Contact us today to learn more about our many property options on the island and to start planning your adventure. We can’t wait to welcome you to Hawaii!

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If COVID-19 has resulted in you working from home, consider a change in scenery and start working remotely in Oahu! All of our rentals in Oahu come equipped with High-Speed Internet ensuring smooth Zoom calls, fast download speeds, and that e-mails are being sent and received! Having the flexibility to walk to the beach or relax on your own lanai will make your workdays much more bearable!

Perfect Options for Working Remotely in Oahu

We have a fantastic selection of vacation rentals in Ko Olina, Makaha, and West Oahu, providing options that are perfect for everyone. Don’t hesitate to contact us with questions and be sure to book your stay today! We look forward to seeing you soon! Mahalo!

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