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Packing up and heading out to a beautiful tropical island for Valentine’s Day is the most romantic gift you can give. It’s gorgeous this time of year, and the island is full of life! There are so many ways to spend your days here, and so many romantic opportunities to take advantage of for Valentines in Oahu.

Visit the E Komo Mai Festival

Celebrate the traditional song and dance of Hawaii in this whirlwind 4-day festival. This is the best way to experience the wonders of the island when you’re coming to town for Valentine’s Day weekend in 2020. Get acquainted with the Hawaiian musical talent while you soak in the views of the sparkling Waikiki and become more intimately familiar with Hawaiian culture through interactive activities. This festival will be running from 4:30pm on Friday, February 14th to 11:30pm on Monday, February 17th, so you’ll have plenty time to enjoy both the festival and the other pieces of the island you’d like to visit.

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See a Ukulele Contest and Hula Show

Speaking of Hawaiian music and culture, what better way to celebrate it than a contest surrounding Hawaii’s most famous instrument? The ukulele is a lovely instrument and has become wildly popular in recent years since it’s an affordable and relatively simple instrument to pick up, with its small size and four strings. But the ukulele has been around for almost 150 years, and you won’t believe the amazing and breathtaking sounds that talented players can pluck from those strings. Come for the ukulele, stay for the hula, and have a grand old time here with your date.

Attend the Opera

If you’re looking for a counterpoint to these exciting and fun activities in the way of a classy date night that you can dress up for and make a whole night of, throw in tickets to the Hawaii Opera Theatre in Honolulu, where you can see The Marriage of Figaro together on Sunday, February 16th. Ticket prices vary between $29 and $130.

Watch the Fireworks

End your evening on Valentine’s Day 2020 with the February 14th Bikini Bottom’s Fireworks Dance Cruise. You’ll get to enjoy a nice boat ride out on the water set against the backdrop of the famous Honolulu Fireworks, which might be the most romantic way you could possibly end this holiday.

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