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The best vacations are those that have relaxation mixed with a little fun in the water too! At Ko Olina you can do both in the backdrop of luxury and the pristine beauty of nature. What better way to explore the underwater world than snorkeling at Ko Olina?

Spectacular Lagoons

Home to some of the globe’s best lagoons, Ko Olina is also home to some of the most spectacular sea life and is extremely safe to snorkel in.  Most times the lagoons are amazing for first time divers and snorkelers due to the calm waters, however everyone has something to look forward to thanks to the fish and turtles that call these waters home.

The Ko Olina lagoons have a smooth and clean resort presentation to them. Each lagoon comes with its own restroom and shower with a well maintained walking path connecting them all. The path extends a mile and a half long from lagoon #4 to lagoon #1. The other three lagoons have fewer than 20 parking spots at each location. Arriving early gives you the option of parking at any lot you find space at.

Exploring the Lagoons

Lagoon 4 is the  southernmost lagoon and has the most public parking and therefore is the popular with the public.  Each lagoon is created in a similar fashion. Several cuts are made into the rocky ocean barrier allowing sea water to flow in and out. The sides see currents flowing in while the flows out the middle channels. The channels that see incoming water allow for swimming right into the rock cuts until you come into the breakwater. This is safe as long as the waves arriving in from the ocean are mild. The middle channels tend to be roped off so avoid swimming them otherwise you could get caught in the current getting sucked out into the open ocean. Swimming outside the lagoons in the open ocean is highly dangerous!

Along this rocky barrier to the ocean is where some of the world’s best snorkeling takes place. These areas are not huge but the rocks creating the barrier to the ocean have a couple of corals growing within them while plenty of fish use them to hide in. Urchins burrow through them as well. A lot of immature fish can be spotted in these water with the visibility usually decent. The depths around the rocks varies between at the surface down to about 5 feet in depth.

So grab a mask and fins then explore the Ko Olina lagoons while you’re visiting.