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If we could have an already filled closet in every destination we traveled, we would never stay home, but unfortunately, that is not the case. Instead, we have to bring everything we could possibly need in a week away from the house, covering all weather conditions and special events, and then we are forced to face weight and luggage restrictions at the airport. How can they expect you to pack shoes that go with every outfit and the essential oils you need to keep your skin dewy fresh as well as multiple changes of underwear and every book you’ve been wanting to read with a 50 pounds per suitcase weight limit? Unfortunately, they do, but that’s ok. We’ve been doing this long enough to offer our guests a few tips that will allow them to have everything they need and room to bring home souvenirs at the end of your stay! Check out our tips on how to pack for a light Oahu travel.

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Go Light on the Shoes

That was hard for us to say with a straight face, but the truth is shoes take up a lot of space and chances are you are only going to wear your most comfortable ones anyway! In Hawaii, shoes are even less of a necessity, as most visitors can survive on a pair of water shoes, flip flops, and possibly comfortable walking shoes for a hike to the Manoa Falls! Wear the bulkier walking shoes on the plane and pack the lighter and smaller flip flops and water shoes and we promise you’re set to go!

eBooks Are a Traveler’s Best Friend

You’ve had a few books on your nightstand, waiting to be devoured, and seven days on an island paradise as well as travel time to get there gives you the perfect opportunity to make it through your backlog. But carrying just one book, let alone the five you can’t leave without, adds weight and takes up precious space, unless you purchase an eBook or tablet! Allowing readers to bring as many books or magazines as they want, plus their entire Hawaiian music play list, the entire internet, and every game they have ever wanted to play, all while barely taking up the space that a book would, these miracle devices are a bibliophile’s dream come true!

Pack the Bare Necessities

The weather is generally perfect on Oahu, so lighter clothes are recommended, but even then, you can get away with packing fewer items. The washer and dryer we provide in our Ola Properties vacation escapes allow you to cut your packing in half!

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