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When to Go

Hawaii may seem like the land of eternal sunshine, white sand beaches, and gently waving palms, but there are a few factors to consider when planning your paradise getaway.

Temperature itself isn’t a primary concern. Most beaches, including Waianae, stay warm throughout the year, with cooler temperatures hitting their low from November through January. If you’re hoping to avoid the rainy season, stick to late spring and summer. The surf is also highest during the winter, which may be a plus or a minus depending on how adventurous you’re feeling. Not feeling brave enough to conquer the surf head on? Viewing the mountainous waves from the safety of the sand is an awe-inspiring experience and well worth a winter visit.

Winter is also prime whale-watching time. The return of the kohola — or humpback whale — is a time of renewal. A guided tour boat is the best option for viewing whales, though during the winter months, many humpbacks migrate close to beaches.

But be warned; flights during the holiday season are often the most expensive. Late spring and fall are considered off season and may be more budget-friendly for the frugal adventure seeker. If traveling during the winter or summer, book early to save yourself some Mai Tai money.

Where to Go

The beautiful coast of Waianae offers so many opportunities for sand and surf that choosing the right beach can be difficult. Consider a stop to these Top 3 Beaches before heading out.

Papaoneone Beach

Commonly known as Turtle Beach, this hidden gem along Oahu’s west shore is home to waves of green sea turtles. The turtles feed on seaweed along the reef and often rest near the shoreline. The water of Turtle Beach also takes on an emerald hue. A fantastic snorkeling spot, water is clearest in the summer months.

Nanakuli Beach Park

Catch some waves at one of Waianae’s best surfing beaches. Nanakuli’s soft, white sand is the postcard beach of your Hawaiian dreams. Warm year round, this beach offers a wide sandbar, calm swimming conditions, and lifeguards on duty. Showers and bathrooms available. Nanakuli is the perfect spot for families and beginner surfers looking to challenge the waves.

Aki’s Beach

No luck finding turtles at Papaoneone? Aki’s Beach is a lesser known spot for viewing Waianae’s sea turtles. The beach itself is smaller than most, but well worth a drive to get up close and personal with some curious sea turtles. This beach can be tricky to find — make sure you map the location beforehand.