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Early September is a wonderful time of year to come and visit us here in Kapolei. The weather is pleasant, the island is alive and thriving, and the three-day weekend that Labor Day affords us is the absolute perfect time to get on a plane and hop over to see us! Kapolei But how can you make the most of Labor Day in Kapolei? Let us help you out with some of our favorite things to do here.


Make Saturday your beach day! Everyone comes to Hawaii for the beaches, so you’ll probably want to head there first. Check out Ko Olina Lagoons for a relaxing morning at a calm beach with calm, crystal clear waters where you’re sure to catch more than one glimpse of colorful sea life. Head to Paradise Cove later on and try snorkeling; this shallow beach with soft sand and rich array of sea life is perfect for it. Since you’re in the area, end your Saturday evening with dinner at Paradise Cove Luau, where you’ll not only enjoy the exquisite flavors of lovingly cooked Hawaiian cuisine, but live performances too, featuring acts like native hula dances and fire twirling.


Head out onto the waves on your Sunday morning with Ocean Joy Cruises to wake up with a refreshing ocean spray that’s better than any cup of coffee. Look out for friendly visitors, like sea turtles, dolphins, tropical fish, and more! For your safety, be sure to follow the instructions of the Ocean Joy crew while on the water. Head down to the Mermaid Caves later, an ethereal place of water-filled caves where the light streams down from above. You can swim into the caves to explore them, and it’s perfectly safe while also feeling surreal and secluded. This will easily be your favorite part of your Labor Day in Kapolei trip.


Make sure to head to Kapolei Shopping Center Monday morning to pick up some cute souvenirs to bring home with you. There are over three dozen shops to browse here, and you’re sure to find something you love. Grab some lunch at the Plantation Tavern, a favorite among locals, whose passion for the culinary arts shows through in the delicious food. After that, check out some of the beaches you haven’t been to yet! Kahe Point Beach Park is one of our favorites, and this is a good place to chill out after an eventful vacation. Walk around the tide pools and lean in close to see the microcosms of sea life house in each little crevice there.

The Perfect Place to Stay on Labor Day in Kapolei

No matter what you plan on doing here in Kapolei, the most important thing will always be finding that perfect place to stay for you and your family. Get in touch with us today at (808) 726-2878 to get started on your Labor Day Weekend vacation today. We offer beautiful rental options and short term rentals in Oahu with a six-night minimum stay; they’re the perfect way to enjoy an extended Labor Day in Kapolei getaway!