The hub describes the center of the wheel where all spokes meet. A hub describes a centralized city where all flights of a particular airline come together, where passengers can get off one plane to transfer to another to get to their destination. What ever you describe, the hubis the most important segment of a product or business. This describes Larry Oldfield, the hub of Ola Properties’ rental operations.

Locally owned and operated since 2002 by Arlene Kelly and Larry Oldfield, Ola Properties, Inc started as a real estate office. Owners that purchased property through the “KO Team” started asking Arlene and Larry to rent their units for them. What started out as a favor to a few turned into a thriving business. A few years ago Larry saw the need to fix and maintain properties and started Aloha Property Care, which takes care of upkeep, repair and maintenance owners’ assets. Today Ola Properties’ rental division is large enough to divide into four departments: Vacation Rentals, Long Term Furnished, Long Term Unfurnished, and Estate Maintenance.

Larry tends to be more low key but he can also be quite playful and enjoys a good laugh. And because Larry is well read and keeps up with Hawaii’s crazy laws Ola Properties has been able to turn some very uncomfortable situations into opportunities. Larry’s competitive spirit can be compared to a long distance runner, as he’s not one that sprints out of the gate without a plan.  A consistent, strategic pace is how to last the long run, there’s less chance of burn out, more chance of being able to sprint to the finish at the end. Sustainability has been the key in Hawaii to weathering a bad storm or lasting an unseasonable drought. As many successful long distance runners do, Larry also makes connections (with other competitors) along the way making strong relationships that are mutually beneficial. “There’s plenty of business for all of us, we just all have to learn to play fairly along side of each other. They may be our competitors today, but you never know when we might be working together.” In the long run, Larry wants to be able to make a difference, and he knows that it may take many hands together to make that difference.

It has been our absolute pleasure to work for Larry, and look forward to the next challenge he has in store for all of us.

Debi, Jack, Chad, Kevin, Pam, Carolyn, Mike, Mary, Ashley, Jeb, Frank, and Camaran