If you’re like most people, and the thought of experiencing majestic dolphins fills you with wonder and happiness, it should come as no surprise that you can make that dream a reality in Hawaii.

Oahu’s western shores are known for having some of the clearest and calmest waters. In addition, these waters are rife with tremendous marine life, such as hundreds of fish species, dolphins, and even whales. And in true Hawaiian style, there’s a way to experience it all.

Where and When You Can Enjoy the Adventure

The Waianae Boat Harbor rests on the Western shores of Oahu, in Waianae. It is from here that you can begin your dolphin excursion experience. Twice a day, at 7:00 AM and 10:30 AM, boats leave to take visitors and adventurers on snorkeling adventures, whale watching tours, or your own customized dolphin excursions in Oahu, year-round. No matter the day, long as the weather permits, Hawaii allows you the opportunity to see and experience the natural wonder of dolphins.

Dolphin Excursion Details

Once you’ve boarded the boat that will take you to see the dolphins, your journey begins. It takes you along the scenic coast of Oahu in search of these magnificent creatures. The exciting adventure provides you with multiple hours on the water. The Hawaiian habitat makes the ideal playground for dolphins to provide spectators with a brilliant show, in their natural habitat. Viewers can enjoy a plethora of delightful dolphins, take photos, and take in their true, natural beauty. What you see on your dolphin excursion is sure to be remembered forever.


What to Expect on Your Dolphin Excursion

Hawaii’s marine life is one of the most beautiful in the world, with varieties of tropical fish, sea turtles, whales, and of course, dolphins. Dolphin excursions on the Western shores of Oahu provide you with views of 3 types of dolphins, in fact.


This species is the most commonly seen dolphin by spectators and visitors. They tend to stay near the shore during the daytime, after spending all night foraging for food. They are long-beaked and smaller, known for their “spinning” and incredible aerobatics as they leap from the water.


Commonly referred to as the most intelligent of the species, Bottlenose dolphins are larger and entirely grey. These dolphins are often found engaging in playful activities with other dolphins and visitors, like “bow riding,” where the dolphin rides waves created by surfers or even whales.


This species can be easily confused with Spinner dolphins because they are very similar in size and appearance. But Spotted dolphins have a white-tipped beak and the adults have a unique, spotted body. These dolphins do not stay close to the shore and often travel in schools of up to hundreds of dolphins.

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