For generations food trucks have been a part of life in Hawaii. Both locals and tourists flock to food trucks not just for the delicious bites but also for the convenience. As time has passed, some of these nomadic crowd pleasers have become so well established that they set up shop permanently. Although there are just too many to list, we did gather up the five best food trucks found in North Shore Oahu.

Giovanni’s Shrimp Truck

Possibly the crown jewel of all food trucks in Hawaii, Giovanni’s is the original white shrimp truck. Mentioned in multiple guidebooks, Giovanni’s vintage truck with unique graffiti (you can even sign your name on it) serves up all things shrimp. Whether you are craving scampi, hot and spicy, or lemon butter, this sensational seafood is fresh and delicious. You can also grab a jumbo garlic dog and rice if shrimp isn’t your thing. Giovanni’s has been around since 1993 and has two trucks: one in North Shore and in Kahuku.

Elena’s Super Friends

Seen on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives, Elena’s bright orange lunch truck is easy to find. Serving up Filipino cuisine like pork adobo fried rice omelets and tightly wrapped lumpias, Elena’s has various locations in addition to the food truck offering breakfast, lunch, and dinner. To find dates and locations of Elena’s “Super Friends” truck, visit her Facebook page.

North Shore Tacos

From fish and shrimp to pork, chicken or beef, this tasty taco truck is sure satisfy any craving. North Shore Tacos offers different taco plates that locals and tourists alike stand in line for. Every day the menu features a different locally caught fish. Be sure to call in your order, or go during non-peak hours to avoid long wait times.

Impossible’s Pizza

Did someone say pizza? Yes, this is the only pizza truck in Haleiwa serving up both traditional and non-traditional pizzas.  This famous food truck moves along Kamehameha Highway and stands by its name. Because of its popularity, Impossible’s Pizza often runs out or takes long vacations, so if you see it be sure to stop and experience the Impossible. Generally this popular pizza truck is open Thursdays through Saturdays from 3 pm to 8 pm.

Leonard’s Malasada Truck

With a vibrant red and white horizontal striped truck, Leonard’s knows malasada. This famous desert of Hawaii is found anywhere form the North to the South Shore. Traditionally, a little bakery in Kaimuki, Leonard’s took malasada mobile delivering different island-inspired fillings like Haupia, which is the most popular choice. For locations and times check here.

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