What comes to mind when you hear the word “luau”? Hawaii? Hula dances? Feasts that are simply overflowing with food? Well, we’re going to introduce you to the basics of the contemporary luau from the history to the foods that you can expect to be served during your experience. Stick around as we delve into this exciting tradition.

The Traditional and the Contemporary luau

Now, what is a traditional luau and how does it differ from the contemporary luau? The luau is a Hawaiian feast that includes high-spirited music, dance and performance. This feast was originally referred to as “ahaaina,” combining the words for gathering and meal. There was a transition to the use of the word “luau,” which is a taro leaf served throughout the Pacific Islands.

Which Foods Should You Expect to be Served?

As we mentioned previously, a roast pig (or “Kalua pig,” which utilizes an underground oven) is both a traditional and contemporary staple that you should expect at any luau. Another staple is mashed taro root. If you aren’t already aware, taro is nutty, mild-tasting and is a root vegetable. Here are some of the other foods that are popular at the contemporary luau:

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