In the mood for a fluffy, sweet treat? Chow down on one of Hawaii’s staple desserts: the malasada. Malasadas are native to Portugal and are a fried, donut like dessert but without the pesky hole in the middle for more deliciousness per bite. The traditional malasada is simply rolled in sugar after frying but there are a large variety of malasadas available throughout Hawaii, including custard-filled and glazed. If you’re thinking about visiting the Oahu island, be sure to check out these top 3 bakeries with the best malasadas on Oahu:

Leonard’s Bakery

Leonard’s Bakery is a local favorite in Honolulu (and my personal favorite). Founded in 1952, the bakery quickly became a hit with locals and only prospered more when they introduced malasadas to their menu in 1953, earning them the title of “Hawaii’s original malasada bakery.” Now, guests to the bakery can choose from a variety of different flavored malasadas. For the traditional malasada, coatings include: sugar, cinnamon sugar, and Li Hing (dried plum powder). For the filled malasadas, called “puffs,” fillings include: custard, chocolate, and coconut.

Liliha Bakery

Liliha Bakery prides itself on always serving fresh baked goods, malasadas not being an exception. With two locations in Honolulu, guests can take their pick on which to visit to soothe their appetite, but for those who enjoy a midnight snack every once in a while, the original location on North Kuakini Street is open 24 hours Tuesday through Sunday. Malasadas at Liliha Bakery include the Apple Malasada, Azuki Malasada, Haupia (coconut) Malasada, Lilikoi (yellow passion fruit) Malasada. Liliha’s also includes a coffee shop where guests can order breakfast, lunch, and dinner items.

Kamehameha Bakery

More known for its selection of donuts, Kamehameha Bakery still makes this list due to its delicious and popular haupia malasada. Customers rave about the small, coconut-filled balls of dough and continue to come back for more. Costing only 95 cents each or $11.40 by the dozen, Kamehameha Bakery’s haupia malasadas are tasty treats to buy for yourself or to share the next time you visit Honolulu. The bakery also offers a traditional malasada for 75 cents or $9 for a dozen.

For your next visit to Oahu, make sure to try these bakeries out for a chance to taste some of Honolulu’s best malasalas and rate them for yourself!

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