Oh yes, “Fruit Punch” is available in every restaurant in Hawaii. In fact, you can get Hawaiian fruit punch in all fast food restaurants as well as the fancy ones. Fruit Punch is so popular in Hawaii it is the second highest selling drink in most fountains, next to the colas. It out sells Sprite (or 7-Up), and Diet Coke (or Diet Pepsi).

“Punch” is tradionally a drink served at parties and probably has a different taste at every party (based on a set of “secret” ingredients). In Hawaii “Fruit Punch” basically tastes the same no matter what restaurant you go to, a staple like cola or iced tea. Most fast food restaurants use one of two brands of syrup so that the standard taste can be served.

Additionally many picnics and parties that serve beverages from a drink dispenser (instead of canned or bottled drinks) will have that same brand of Fruit Punch, which is sold at any store that sells beverages (like Longs-CVS, Target, Walmart or any grocery store).

So add Hawaiian Fruit Punch to your must do list. Stop at your nearest fast food restaurant and try this popular drink.