No true Hawaiian experience is complete without at least one snorkeling adventure. Beloved by visitors and locals alike, snorkeling allows you to experience breathtaking ocean sights in a way that nothing else can match. Because almost no instruction is required, this aquatic adventure can allow swimmers of all ages and skill levels to explore the ocean in comfort. Though masks and flippers can be rented almost anywhere along the shore, we have gathered a few of our favorite nearby snorkeling spots on Oahu here.

Ko Olina Ocean Adventures – Dolphin Snorkel

Ko Olina Ocean Adventures offers a few different tour options, but our favorite is the Speedboat Dolphin Snorkel. This trip includes stops in two tropical reefs teeming with fish and wildlife, but most importantly, allows guests to snorkel alongside Hawaiian spinner dolphins. Swimming with these friendly creatures in their natural environment is a once in a lifetime experience. Morning and afternoon tour options are available.

Hawaii Real Nature Tour – North Shore Snorkeling Tour

The Hawaii Real Nature Tour of snorkeling spots along North Shore and Sharks Cove features some protected locations where boats are not allowed, making this a very safe and tranquil option. This area is known not only for its bright tropical fish but for being a favorite spot for sea turtles to visit. Guests here can swim along with and even take close pictures of these beautiful creatures. This company also has private instruction options for less experienced swimmers.

Wild Side Hawaii – Deluxe Wildlife Tour

Wild Side Hawaii is a company committed to conservation, education, and environmental stewardship. Guests on this tour experience a hands-on approach to learning about local ecology and wildlife while connecting with dolphins, turtles, and whales throughout the trip. This immersive educational experience leaves guests with a deeper appreciation for the ocean and the creatures that live within it.

Ocean Joy Cruises – Sunset Snorkel

The Sunset Snorkel from Ocean Joy Cruises includes dinner and an evening tour along the coast. This tour travels along the west side of the island and features an hour-long snorkeling excursion in the waters of Makua. After swimming, guests can enjoy dinner while taking in the gorgeous sunset views and listening to tales of the islands’ history.

These are just a few of our favorite snorkeling tours, easily accessible from Ko Olina Resort. The beauty of the waters that surround the North Shore is unmatched, and the snorkeling spots on Oahu just can’t be beaten.