Aloha Pumehana. If you are reading this article, you are likely looking for some true relaxation while coming to stay with us here at Ko Olina on Oahu.

First, you should know that regardless of where you are staying at Ko Olina, all of these Ko Olina yoga spots are walkable. So grab your yoga mat, coffee, champagne, or favorite book and walk out. We suggest leaving the car keys and the cell phone at your Beach Villa or hotel room. These moments are all about YOU!

Our Favorite Spots for Solo Ko Olina Yoga

1. The Jetty

This may not be the quitest place but it’s surely a great spot to just let the mind wander. There are several benches you can sit and receive the Hawaiian mana from Mauka to Makai. To get here you walk down the paths near the lagoons to the very Southern Lagoon (Lagoon 4). Keep heading south until the land narrows. Find your zen spot and enjoy!

 2. Makaiwa Beach Park

This is my personal favorite. If you are standing at the front gate to Ko Olina look north along the train tracks, follow them up a couple hundred yards and keep your eyes toward the Ocean. You should see plenty of places to plop down your mat and zen-out. This is also a great place for a private glass of champagne with your significant other.

 3. The Four Seasons Makai Grove.

Take a look at the map below. You’ll see the lagoon in front of the Four Seasons. Along the North end of the lagoon, there are a few trees out on the point. This is an excellent place to have a shady and relaxing time no matter what time of day you choose for your Zen moment.

Remember, your Hawaiian vacation is… A VACATION ;). It’s OK to take some time alone, away from the normal buzz of the cell phone and workflow of the week. These are just three of our favorite places to relax at Ko Olina. There are plenty of beachfront Ko Olina yoga sessions offered by the Hotels so if you want a more structured experience just ask the concierge or give us a call and we can help.