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Locals tend to shy away from the tourist spots because we go to these destinations for school excursions, but we decided to go visit the Polynesian Culture Center from a tourist’s perspective.
We’ve enjoyed luscious lattes at the cafe and tasty pizzas and salads for lunch, and we are now happy to say, we’ve enjoyed Kalapawai Cafe's delicious dinner menu.
Over a Taco Tuesday meal, we decided to embark on the Ka'ena Point Trail one Saturday a 5.5 mile round trip out and back hike that leads to the Ka'ena Point Natural Area Preserve.

It’s a beautiful Saturday morning in West Oahu, (like most of them are) and it’s time to get out and go for a drive.  A great trip for such a Saturday is the drive up the Leeward Coast to the Waianae Farmer’s Market.  It’s a...