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The hub describes the center of the wheel where all spokes meet. A hub describes a centralized city where all flights of a particular airline come together, where passengers can get off one plane to transfer to another to get to their destination. What ever you describe, the hub...

Let's Talk Story: Ohana and Hanai are words commonly used in Hawaii. Learn their literal translation, as well as the translation that it has evolved into today.

Looking for gifts to bring home from Oahu? Macadamia Nuts are almost a symbol of Hawaii. In fact, Hawaii grows almost 90% of the world's macadamia nuts, which makes it almost mandatory for all visitors to bring some back as a highlight of their trip.

I’d like to take a moment to do an employee highlight my wife, Arlene Kelly As the Broker-In-Charge for Ola Properties (Ola), Arlene helped grow the company into one of the best full service Real Estate and Property Management Brokerages on the beautiful island of Oahu.