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The inspiring island of Oahu has long been a favorite amongst travelers that have their vacation sights set on  Hawaii. When it’s time to step out of stress and into a place where the scenery and sensational opportunities for restorative fun collide, Oahu has a way with landscapes, history, culture, and natural beauty that are sure to please. In 2020, it’s not an understatement to say that the concept of travel looks drastically different than it did a year ago. As a global health crisis has swept across countries and continents, those who live with an innate passion for all that is travel, exploration, and discovery are finding that it might be necessary to find new routes to indulging this desire while keeping health standards top of mind.

Maintaining a healthy work and life balance is a challenge that’s also been taken to new heights this year as employees across the globe have transitioned from offices to working remotely from home. As schools transitioned to online platforms as well, finding the sweet spot between keeping work priorities and family moments separated became blurry for many and with the added unknowns—an added level of stress and perhaps even anxiety.

A New Route Through the New Normal

Instead of simply enduring these new challenges, at Ola Properties, we’re inviting those that love to travel, who are now working remotely and are looking for a sense of balance and inspiration in the chaos to make their way to a place where it’s possible to enjoy the best of it all. Move to paradise and enjoy an environment that’s as thrilling as welcoming to health and safety standards. In 2020, we see the incredible possibilities in taking a new lease on life and creating a new normal in a place where beauty still lives through the chaos. Perhaps taking yourself somewhere new this year for an extended stay could be just the answer you’ve been searching for. When you need a place to work remotely, connect with family and keep options for inspiring exploration near, booking a long term trip to Oahu and staying in one of our world-class vacation rentals is bound to be the solution you’ve been searching for.

What Our Properties Provide

At Ola Properties, we specialize in providing vacation homes in Hawaii to guests looking to savor the sights, sounds, fun, and experiences of west Oahu. Our properties provide just the right space to both work remotely and enjoy your breathtaking surroundings. From scenic ocean views to resort-style stays that provide direct beach access and top-tier amenities, it’s easier than ever to settle in for a long-term stay in Oahu. When you book our Hawaii beach home rentals, you’ll wake up each day knowing you’ll be as productive as you can be on a professional front while remaining inspired by the opportunities for fun stops that are waiting for you to explore just outside your front door.

Ease and Convenience of the Extended Stay

While our team is proud to offer up a wide variety of rental properties, some of which include private residences and vacation homes in Hawaii, many of our guests look for resort-inspired destinations where they can enjoy the ease and convenience of community features and upscale amenities too. While our properties often provide spacious, open concept floorplans, large windows, and sliding glass doors leading to private balconies, decks, and patios provide connection points to the great outdoors that makes working from “home” feel as easy as an Oahu ocean breeze. High-speed services and Wi-Fi access during a long-term stay make for quick work during professional hours and an easy way to send photos to loved ones back home when you’ve followed up projects and assignments with trips to the beach.

Keeping Close to Beautiful Destinations to Explore

While the many features our long-term vacation rentals bring add that vacation-inspired touch to every moment spent working indoors, the beauty of this concept is that our guests are always close to places worth experiencing and exploring during a visit. Whether it’s an early morning stroll along Waikiki Beach when the crowds are at a minimum or time spent paddleboarding or surfing the waves in the quiet evening hours, this scenic destination provides options that make it simple to social distance in a little piece of paradise.

Cleaning Standards Are a Priority

During a traditional stay with Ola Properties, guests will enjoy thorough property cleanings before arrival and after they’ve departed, but in the spirit of revitalized health standards taken to the next level, guests can request daily cleaning options during a vacation or long-term work and play plan.

Work, Play and Unwind on Oahu

Whether you need time away from the stress of 2020 or are looking for a place to settle in, explore and enjoy a new version of remote working life, the team at Ola Properties is here to help you make Oahu your home away from home. Contact us today to learn more about our many property options on the island and to start planning your adventure. We can’t wait to welcome you to Hawaii!

Are you eyeing Hawaii for a spring getaway? The rainy season ends with the change of season into spring, and this makes for an ideal time for you to visit! On Oahu, the summer season is yet to be in full swing, so you might find more reasonable prices on airfare, lodging, and activities on Oahu! And since you won’t be battling the summer season crowds, your vacation on Oahu just might feel like a private paradise.

Get Outdoors

If Hawaii is top of your list for a spring vacation, you’re sure to have a long list of outdoor activities in Oahu to keep you busy! And since the weather is always great on Oahu, you won’t miss out on anything just because it’s a bit of an offseason for major tourism. You can fully customize your experience here, whether you prefer a luxury experience with Mai Tai’s and spa treatments or a high thrills adventure! The island is home to dozens of parks, monuments, and natural attractions. Check out Sand Island State Recreation Area, an urban park in Honolulu where you can camp, fish or bodyboard, or head to Keaiwa Heiau State Recreation Area, home to Keaiwa Heiau, which is a temple that native Hawaiians of the past would visit for it’s believed healing powers. Other outdoor fun on your trip could include hiking, biking, exploring waterfalls, snorkeling, surfing or kayaking!

Springtime Events

Some things on Oahu you can enjoy year-round, but some special occasions only come once a year! Their spring exclusive events include the very original and not to be found elsewhere, Waikiki Spam Jam – yes, an entire festival dedicated to the fun pink canned meat, which indicates just how beloved it is by Hawaiian’s. This event is rated as one of Hawaii’s top annual food fests, and you’ll love the food, entertainment, and fun-filled atmosphere. Spring is also a great time for music lovers on Oahu! During the Na Hoku Hanohano Awards in early May, Honolulu is jumping with live music and Hawaii’s biggest music stars! You might find headliners casually ripping up the keys of a piano on a hotel patio or strumming the ukulele in a corner bar. If you want even more Ukulele, visit later in May for the Ukulele Picnic, a music festival that brings 5,000 or more fans of the instrument together in Kaka’ako Park.

Great for Whale Watching

If you need any more reasons to book your Oahu vacation, this should be the icing on the cake! Between December and April, Humpback Whales pilgrim to the warm waters around Hawaii to have their babies! In February and March, the peak whale watching season, you can see them off the north shore of the island or book a whale-watching cruise to get up close and personal with the majestic ocean creatures!

So, what are you waiting for? Book your spring vacation to Oahu today!

We are so excited that spring has finally arrived. If you’re looking for the perfect early spring getaway, why not take advantage of some holiday time and spend Easter on Oahu this year? There’s no bad time to visit the islands, but early spring is particularly beautiful, and as it’s not the peak summer season yet, you might get to see the sights without the normal crowds!

A Classic Easter

Can any Easter be complete without an Easter egg hunt? Your kids will probably say “no way!” It just so happens that we agree! If you want to share in our classic celebration, head to the North Shore for Easter Brunch at Waimea Valley and enjoy brunch and an Easter Egg Hunt in the beautiful botanical gardens. With seatings at 9 am and 1 pm, it’ll be easy to fit into your schedule. The buffet includes fares such as Prime Rib and Poached Salmon, a made to order Omelet Station, an Early Risers’ Bar and a Late Risers’ Bar, as well as pastries, fruits and desserts. And of course, Oahu offers a variety of Easter Sunday Services, indoor, outdoor, sunrise and classic. A simple web search should provide all the details you need!

Only in Hawaii

Of course, you’ll want to take some time to enjoy some of the things you can only enjoy here in Hawaii while you’re on your Easter getaway. Whether you want to relax or take on an adventure, we’ve got you covered! If swimming with dolphins has been on your bucket list, take the time now to go on a Dolphin Snorkel Tour and make your dream come true! Or for history buffs, take an afternoon to learn about Pearl Harbor and Oahu’s wartime past. If you want another way to see marine life up close, take the Atlantis Submarine tour and visit shipwrecks on the ocean floor and learn about corals and reef life while safely aboard our comfortable, safe, air-conditioned sub. The options for water activities are limited only by your imagination on Oahu! As you submerge yourself in the island life, make sure you soak up some of the local culture and cuisine and one of our many restaurants or shops.

Enjoy the Best Easter on Oahu

At the end of the day, relax in your spacious and comfortable Oahu vacation home. Call or book online today so you can enjoy the best Easter this year, and make 2020 the one to remember on Oahu!

If we could have an already filled closet in every destination we traveled, we would never stay home, but unfortunately, that is not the case. Instead, we have to bring everything we could possibly need in a week away from the house, covering all weather conditions and special events, and then we are forced to face weight and luggage restrictions at the airport. How can they expect you to pack shoes that go with every outfit and the essential oils you need to keep your skin dewy fresh as well as multiple changes of underwear and every book you’ve been wanting to read with a 50 pounds per suitcase weight limit? Unfortunately, they do, but that’s ok. We’ve been doing this long enough to offer our guests a few tips that will allow them to have everything they need and room to bring home souvenirs at the end of your stay! Check out our tips on how to pack for a light Oahu travel.

Go Light on the Shoes

That was hard for us to say with a straight face, but the truth is shoes take up a lot of space and chances are you are only going to wear your most comfortable ones anyway! In Hawaii, shoes are even less of a necessity, as most visitors can survive on a pair of water shoes, flip flops, and possibly comfortable walking shoes for a hike to the Manoa Falls! Wear the bulkier walking shoes on the plane and pack the lighter and smaller flip flops and water shoes and we promise you’re set to go!

eBooks Are a Traveler’s Best Friend

You’ve had a few books on your nightstand, waiting to be devoured, and seven days on an island paradise as well as travel time to get there gives you the perfect opportunity to make it through your backlog. But carrying just one book, let alone the five you can’t leave without, adds weight and takes up precious space, unless you purchase an eBook or tablet! Allowing readers to bring as many books or magazines as they want, plus their entire Hawaiian music play list, the entire internet, and every game they have ever wanted to play, all while barely taking up the space that a book would, these miracle devices are a bibliophile’s dream come true!

Pack the Bare Necessities

The weather is generally perfect on Oahu, so lighter clothes are recommended, but even then, you can get away with packing fewer items. The washer and dryer we provide in our Ola Properties vacation escapes allow you to cut your packing in half!

Reserve Now for a Fantastic Oahu Travel

What you wear doesn’t matter, your comfort and enjoyment does! Reserve your Ola Properties getaway today and discover how paradise can get even better!

Taking a solo adventure is a great way to connect with your travel destination, and to connect with yourself too. Experiencing the wonders of the Hawaiian Islands on your own can be a truly magical experience. Here are some Oahu activities you can do as a solo traveler:

Learning to Surf is One of the Best Oahu Activities

This is the absolute perfect activity for the solo traveler. If you’ve never surfed, or if you have surfed but you’d like to level up, now is the time to do it. We recommend Kai Sallas’ Pro Surf School, owned and operated by a pro surfer, where they offer both beginner and intermediate surfing lessons. Schedule a private lesson for exclusive 1-on-1 instruction! Lessons are two hours long, and private lessons are $199. As a bonus, you can even take a surf tour of the north and south shores through this surf school. After you’ve learned how to surf, this is a solo activity you can enjoy on our beaches for the rest of your stay, so try to get this in at the beginning of your trip!

Hike to Manoa Falls

This is a short hike, which makes it great for a small outing, and great for those with less hiking experience too. The incline is gradual and not too extreme. Round trip, the hike is just over 1.5 miles. Take this hike and you’ll find yourself walking in the Hawaiian rainforest on a well-maintained trail, through towering stalks of bamboo, over a babbling brook, through a gorgeous grove of eucalyptus trees, and finally emerging at a sparkling, 100-foot waterfall that will take your breath away.

Explore Iolani Palace

This palace of the Hawaiian monarchy is the only royal residence in the entire United States, built by King Kalākaua in the 1800s. As non-natives to Hawaii, this is one of the most important places we can visit to understand and respect Hawaiian culture and history. Plus, it’s just beautiful! It can sometimes be hard to visit historical places or educational attractions in groups, so this is the ideal kind of activity to do on your own. You’ll have more time to explore at your own pace and really soak everything in.

Spend Your Stay with Ola Properties

However you fill your days here on Oahu, you’ll always be looking forward to the comfort of your rental when you get home in the evenings as the sun sets over the sea. Take a look at the 1-bedroom vacation rentals in our catalog today to get started and prepare to enjoy the best Oahu activities.

Packing up and heading out to a beautiful tropical island for Valentine’s Day is the most romantic gift you can give. It’s gorgeous this time of year, and the island is full of life! There are so many ways to spend your days here, and so many romantic opportunities to take advantage of for Valentines in Oahu.

Visit the E Komo Mai Festival

Celebrate the traditional song and dance of Hawaii in this whirlwind 4-day festival. This is the best way to experience the wonders of the island when you’re coming to town for Valentine’s Day weekend in 2020. Get acquainted with the Hawaiian musical talent while you soak in the views of the sparkling Waikiki and become more intimately familiar with Hawaiian culture through interactive activities. This festival will be running from 4:30pm on Friday, February 14th to 11:30pm on Monday, February 17th, so you’ll have plenty time to enjoy both the festival and the other pieces of the island you’d like to visit.

See a Ukulele Contest and Hula Show

Speaking of Hawaiian music and culture, what better way to celebrate it than a contest surrounding Hawaii’s most famous instrument? The ukulele is a lovely instrument and has become wildly popular in recent years since it’s an affordable and relatively simple instrument to pick up, with its small size and four strings. But the ukulele has been around for almost 150 years, and you won’t believe the amazing and breathtaking sounds that talented players can pluck from those strings. Come for the ukulele, stay for the hula, and have a grand old time here with your date.

Attend the Opera

If you’re looking for a counterpoint to these exciting and fun activities in the way of a classy date night that you can dress up for and make a whole night of, throw in tickets to the Hawaii Opera Theatre in Honolulu, where you can see The Marriage of Figaro together on Sunday, February 16th. Ticket prices vary between $29 and $130.

Watch the Fireworks

End your evening on Valentine’s Day 2020 with the February 14th Bikini Bottom’s Fireworks Dance Cruise. You’ll get to enjoy a nice boat ride out on the water set against the backdrop of the famous Honolulu Fireworks, which might be the most romantic way you could possibly end this holiday.

Choose a Romantic Rental for Valentines in Oahu

One of the most romantic gestures you can make is taking care of all the travel plans ahead of time. Head over to our catalog now to find a romantic space for you and your loved one to stay in while you’re here on the island.

A staple ingredient for the perfect vacation is a good cocktail. Take all the hikes you want into jaw-dropping rainforests, and spend your days lounging on breathtaking beaches, but sometimes, you just need a delicious drink in your hand. Here are our favorite places to find handcrafted Oahu cocktails here on the island:

Bar Leather Apron

This is an intimate cocktail bar located in downtown Honolulu, and their menu is everchanging since they’re always striving to discover new things, uncover new flavor palates, and please the customer. Try one of the signature cocktails here, like the Matcha Old Fashioned, made with 2018 Maker’s Mark BLA Private Select, Japanese green tea, orange bitters, Wasanbon sugar, and orange. If you’re in the mood for something with a little more kick, try a classic/modern cocktail like the Mexican Firing Squad, mixed with Forteleza Blanco, lime, pomegranate, cinnamon, cayenne, Angostura Bitters, and soda. You really can’t go wrong here, because everything on the menu is a homerun recipe. Save your appetite for this visit too, because their food is to die for! The Cajun Smoked Salmon Spread goes great with any cocktail on the menu.

The HI BRAU Room

If you’re looking for a night rich with class and comfort, head down to Aloha Beer Company. The drinks here are great, however, we’re looking for a step up. Intriguingly, you’ll find a second floor here with a totally different vibe. The HI BRAU Room is a little speakeasy built right on top of Aloha Beer Company, which concentrates its endeavors on high-quality liquor and cocktails. Stepping into HI BRAU is like walking through a portal to an earlier decade. With wooden furnishings, low light, and an excellent waitstaff, it’s a real blast from the past. The cocktails they serve are a blast to the taste buds too! Cocktails are served from local distilleries (you simply must try the Ko Hana Rum from the Koloa Coffee Rum plantation). The food they serve here is as delicious as the drinks are quenching. This speakeasy is a rare and exclusive treat since it’s only open four nights a week (Thursday-Sunday, 5:00pm-12:00am), which makes those cocktails taste all the sweeter.

Spend Your Time on Oahu with Ola Properties and Oahu Cocktails

No one knows the ins and outs of Oahu like we do, and we’re ready to share the magic with you! Give us a call today at (888) 737-4188 or (808) 726-2878 and we’ll help you get started on your Oahu vacation, beginning with your perfect rental home!

The beginning of 2020 is a special time on Oahu. With the dawn of the new year, everyone will be getting into the swing of 2020, and since we’re still in the off-season for tourism, that means there will be fewer crowds and more vacation homes in Oahu for you to enjoy! Open up your calendar and pencil in these exciting, upcoming events:

Bikini Bottom’s Ocean Dance Cruise

Jan 17, 6:30 – 9:00 PM HST
Kewalo Basin Harbor
1125 Ala Moana Blvd B1, Honolulu, HI
Tickets: $30 – 40

Come out to participate in this evening of delight with Oahu Boat Cruises. Your backdrop will be the world-famous Honolulu fireworks show. The event is BYOB (bring your own beer), which gives you free rein to play the night however you want it. Dance the night away in your own way.

Young the Giant in Concert

Jan 24 – 25, 2020
The Republik
1349 Kapiolani Blvd #30, Honolulu, HI
Tickets: $45

Young the Giant is an American alternative rock band that’s put out hit after hit since coming together to form their band in the early 2000s. Come and listen to them play your favorites live, from albums like the debut Young the Giant album, Mind Over Matter, and Home of the Strange. As the lyrics to one of their best songs goes: “Life’s too short to even care at all.” So just let loose and go dance your heart out at what’s sure to be the best concert of the year in Honolulu.

HSO – POPS5 Star Wars: A New Hope

Jan 31 – Feb 1, 2020
Neal S. Blaisdell Center
777 Ward Ave, Honolulu, HI
Tickets: $27 – 89

For all you Star Wars fans out there, you’ll want to get tickets for this performance! Join the symphony orchestra for a night of Star Wars music that will blow you away. You haven’t heard this soundtrack until you’ve heard it played live by a full symphony orchestra.

2020 Amazing Comic Con Aloha in Honolulu Hawaii

Feb 21, 2020, 3:00 PM – Feb 23, 2020, 6:00 PM
Hawaiʻi Convention Center
1801 Kalakaua Ave, Honolulu, HI
Tickets: $25 – 250

Comic Con is back again for another showstopping year! This is the event of a lifetime, and every year it gets better. You’ll get to explore hundreds of artist booths, sit in on interesting panels about all your favorite media, and you might even get to meet famous actors and creators!

Make Vacation Homes in Oahu Your Biggest Event

Whatever you decide to do while you’re visiting us here on the island, you’ll want a rental home lovely enough to match the rest of your vacation. Your rental can easily become the most memorable part of the entire vacation. Head over to our catalog and start the search for your perfect rental home today!

Bring in the new year with a bang by leaving your cares behind and flying out to beautiful Oahu. There’s something so refreshing about the island scenery, from the turquoise waters to the rolling, green mountains. What better way to spend the end of 2019 and head into the next decade than right here? Take your pick between these New Year’s in Oahu bashes:

Tiki Waikiki 2020 New Year’s Eve Soiree

Tikis Grill & Bar
2570 Kalakaua Ave, Honolulu, HI
Tickets: prices vary

This evening soiree is one of the most stylish ways you’ll ever end a year. If you want a cocktail party, roaring 20s celebration, and a rooftop lanai with a stellar view all in one package, you’ve got it. Make your reservations now, because this is a popular yearly event.

New Year’s Eve 2020 – The Roaring 20s

The District Nightclub
1349 Kapiolani Blvd, Honolulu, HI
Tickets: up to $60

We’re back to the 20s again, so let’s celebrate it the right way! Ring in the 20s with a Roaring 20s party at Honolulu’s most vivacious nightclub. Countdown with the crowd after a night of DJs, dancing, and VIP lounge.

New Year’s in Oahu Concert on the Farm!

Kanu Farms
41-984 Kakaina St, Waimanalo, HI
Tickets: $25

In the shadow of the Ko`olau Mountains, you’ll find a night of fun on Kanu Farms. Bring a blanket to lie on, or use your folding beach chairs, and set up for the night to enjoy dinner, dancing, and live music by the fireside.

Dolphin Star New Year’s Eve Cocktail & Fireworks

Star of Honolulu
Pier 8, Aloha Tower Marketplace, 1 Aloha Tower Dr, Honolulu, HI
Tickets: $94

This special late-night cruise sets sail at 10:30pm, just shy of the coming new year. Let the soothing sounds of live Hawaiian music and the sounds of the sea at night color your holiday. The view of the fireworks over the island from the sea is unbeatable! Make sure to snap some photos, because you’ll never want to forget this.

Let Ola Properties Carry You into the New Year

We’ll provide you the most beautiful and comfortable place to lay your head down at night between the last day of 2019 and the first day of 2020. After such an exciting New Year’s countdown, you’ll be glad to be staying with Ola Properties. Get in touch with us today at (888) 737-4188 or (808) 726-2878 and we’ll help you get started!

Get ready to experience the best holiday season like you never have before. Come and join us for a beautiful island Christmas on Oahu. Not only is the landscape here gorgeous and lush even through the winter, from the green mountains to the turquoise waters, but the spirit here is brighter than ever too.

Pearl Harbor Memorial Day Parade

Celebrate the season and make some time in-between to remember an important historical event and honor those that came before us. Every year on December 7th you’ll see this parade making its way down Kalakaua Avenue in Waikiki, including marching bands, decorated floats, and even helicopters. The opening ceremony will be at 4:30pm and the parade will end around 7:30pm.

Honolulu City Lights

It’s our favorite time of year to pass by Honolulu Hale, the Honolulu city hall. In December you’ll find a glowing light display that lasts from December 7th through January 1st. It’s a great stop to add a little splash of magic to a serene holiday night on Oahu.

Christmas on Oahu Market

Save some room in your suitcase and wait to buy gifts until you get to the island. You’ll find the annual Christmas Market open from December 14th-15th at the Neal Blaisdell Expo Hall. Here you can spend an exciting afternoon explore over 100 different vendors with products ranging from food to jewelry to authentic Hawaiian crafts. There will be holiday fun here too, like a Santa meet-and-greet, and a gingerbread workshop.

Polynesian Christmas

When December comes, head over to the Polynesian Cultural Center down Kamehameha Highway! You’ll find it all decked out to match the season, along with fun holiday activities for the whole family to enjoy. With everything from canoe rides to train rides, it makes for one fun day trip!

Hawaiian Hula and Music

Head down to Kuhio Beach on select nights this December (the 3rd, 7th, 10th, 12th, 14th, 17th, 19th, 26th, and 28th) to see a memorable holiday hula show and experience Christmas on Oahu the island way. Make sure to stop in at the Waikiki Christmas Store while you’re there for some souvenirs and stocking stuffers!

Merry Christmas from the Ola Properties Family!

There’s no better way to spend your island holiday than cozy and warm in one of our spacious yet snug rental homes. Give us a call today at (888) 737-4188 or (808) 726-2878 to take the first step toward your 2019 Oahu Christmas getaway.